Friday, July 10, 2015

Kottarappatt Ayyappa Temple

Kottarappatt Ayyappa Temple is located at Kottarappatt Road, off Park View Road, Behind Town Hall, North Paravur, Ernakulam Dist., Kerala, 683513 , at 30 minutes drive from Kochi Airport or Aluva Railway Station.

The temple is said to be more than 200 years old, but however no records or testimony exist to authenticate the antiquity of the temple. As per Grandma's tale, the presiding deity Ayyappa Swami was worshipped by a Brahmin family who fled during Tipu Sultan's invasion of Kerala, leaving their house and land for ever. This plot was later acquired by a member of Kottarappatt family. A temple was erected and new idol installed on same location on advise of astrologers as the site was blessed by Ayyappa Swami's divine presence.

The temple is kept open to all devotees who can worship the deity at anytime on any day as the gates are never locked. The temple lamps, utinsels and belongings kept open are never stolen. There was an instance of deity once stolen by a person was returned by same person who became mentally unstable.

The following Poojas are held:-)

1. Monthly Pooja on 1st of every Malayalam month.
2. Daily Pooja during Mandala Makara Vilakku Festival.
    ( Mid Nov.- Mid Jan)
3. Makara Vilakku Mahotsav on Makara Sankranthi.

Pooja can be sponsored with following rates

Rs.1000 for Monthly Pooja
Rs.500 for Daily Pooja on Mandalam season.

Archana, Neelanjanam, Niravilakku, Noorum Palum for Sarpam  etc are also arranged for devotees during pooja. All devotees are requested to sponsor Pooja and get blessing from Lord Ayyappa.

With all your support Kottarappatt Ayyappa Temple Trust has now been registered. As decided, all family members are requested to contribute Rs.250 per month to the temple trust. For easy remittance the details are under

Kottarappatt Ayyappa Temple Trust
The South Indian Bank Ltd, N.Paravur
IFSC. SIBL 0000058
MICR. 682059020
SB AC 0058053000018616
ECS AC. 005805300018616

All members are also requested to take active part in fund raising programme. The Trust is happy to announce that already several members have joined monthly contribution scheme and have also started collecting funds. On account of migration of family members to other places in India and abroad, consolidation of funds are required to outsource the temple activities.

The Trust is presently managed by following Managing Committee

1. B.S.S.Nair mob 09446684172

2. Chandramohan  09969438177

3. Krishnakumari 09400543885

4. Sasikumar  08281092778

5. Mohanan 09496450583

All family members and devotees are once again requested to take an active part in this venture and receive blessings from Ayyappa Swami.


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